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Just a regular guy that loves sports and just happens to be be very good at picking ATS :)

Website: http://gonzo-sports.blogspot.com


NFL putting coal in our stocking this year

gonzo-sports.blogspot.com - Can someone tell me what we did to make the NFL schedule a Cowboys vs Cardinals game on Christmas day? I don't know about you, but I couldn't be less interested in this atrocious excuse for a football game. I ...

Thursday NBA picks!

gonzo-sports.blogspot.com - I like all of the games tonight. Let me know what you guys think Den +1 (2 Units) - I just dont think SA will have enough in their tank after last nights crazy game. And Den tends to do much ...

NFL Week 15 Picks!

gonzo-sports.blogspot.com - Week 14 Recap: Last week I hit 3 of my 4 top unit picks but it was still one of my worst weeks because I caught some bad beats. Titans last second meaningless TD, Ravens pick 6 in OT, Carson ...

NBA picks- Monday 12/13

gonzo-sports.blogspot.com - Portland (12-12) at Memphis (10-14) Grizzlies are coming off a big win against the Clippers while Portland is coming off a huge loss to the Spurs. Portland plays so much better at home than they do on the road and after ...

I hope Jeff Fisher reads this!!

gonzo-sports.blogspot.com - F@%& YOU JEFF FISHER!!! Can anyone tell me what that f@%&in' moron was thinking? Ok ok, let me breath... If you're unfamiliar as to what happened tonight in the Colts vs Titans game, let me paint the picture if I may. ...

Any Sports Bettors Out There?!?!

gonzo-sports.blogspot.com - NFL picks against the spread. It seems whenever you try to find picks against the spread online you can only find people that charge for their picks. That seems ridiculous to me. I'd love to gather up some sports bettors. ...

NFL week 14 picks ATS

gonzo-sports.blogspot.com - NFL week 14 picks against the spread. Lots of multi-unit picks. Lots of trends. Lots of Stats. Most certainly the best place to get all your football and basketball picks against the spread.

NBA Wednesday picks

gonzo-sports.blogspot.com - Detroit (7-15) at New Orleans (13-7) New Orleans isn't playing at their best right now. The line is way too high in my opinion. This looks like great line value. They've both lost 3 out their last 4 games and both ...

NBA Wednesday picks

gonzo-sports.blogspot.com - My NBA picks against the spread for Wednesday night. Two picks for 3 units each. Check em out!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonzo picks are the best way to get free picks. I'm well over 60%

Monday Night Football! 4 unit pick

gonzo-sports.blogspot.com - Well, here it is... The biggest game of the season. The two best teams in the NFL going head to head on Monday night. Since 1992 these two teams have played each other 36 times and the series is tied ...