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A New Solution to Competitive Balance in Baseball

ilrsmc.blogspot.com - Two key facets of this soft cap scheme were the luxury tax and revenue sharing. The luxury tax, in essence, punishes the New York Yankees for crossing a certain threshold payroll (I say “punishes the Yankees” because the threshold has ...

Melo or Mediocre?

ilrsmc.blogspot.com - Unlike any other professional team in New York, the Knicks do not have to share the biggest sports market in the world with any other team. It is for this reason that the Knicks are special to New York fans. ...

Introducing the Cornell ILR Sports Management Club

ilrsmc.blogspot.com - "Great works are often born on a street corner or in a restaurant's revolving door" -Albert Camus Formalities first: Welcome to Cornell University's ILR Sports Management Club's Official Blog.

Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Olympics

ilrsmc.blogspot.com - Olympic athletes don’t just compete on the track, pitch, pool, or ski slope—they also can compete in front of a mediator, arbitrator, or judge. On Tuesday, our club was honored to host U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) Athlete Ombudsman John Ruger in ...