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NCAA Doesn’t Earn Any Trust Points With New Strength of Schedule Multiplier

tomaroonandgold.blogspot.com - When the NCAA released the 2011 version of the Men's Basketball Championship Handbook back in November, this little nugget caused some head scratching around D3 world: Home/Away Multiplier. A multiplier of 1.4 shall be added to the OWP for those games ...

I Love Listening To Bob Knight on TV

tomaroonandgold.blogspot.com - Last night I had the TV tuned to ESPN while I was painting a room in the basement (the colors will be maroon and gold, if you must know). I listened to most of two and a half games (there ...

Calvin’s Tournament Chances

tomaroonandgold.blogspot.com - It's quite a bit silly to try to project the likely hood of the Knights appearing in the NCAA Tournament when they've only played 2 of 17 (or 18 or 19) regional games, but I think it's fun to do. Here's ...

Predicting the MIAA Race

tomaroonandgold.blogspot.com - Kenneth Massey takes the season's results to date, and gives each team an expected win-loss total for their remaining games based on his ranking system. Here's how he predicts the MIAA teams to fare in conference play:

Don’t Throw Out The Records In This Rivalry

tomaroonandgold.blogspot.com - It's something we like to say in any rivalry event, and we certainly hear it every time Beat Hope Week comes around: "Throw out the records, it's a rivalry game!" The idea here, I think, is that we don't need to consider ...

Beware of Kevin Kooiker in a Striped Shirt

tomaroonandgold.blogspot.com - usually try to ignore the officials. Not necessarily during the game, I like to get on their case as much as the next guy, but I try not to think about them during my post game thoughts and discussions. They ...

MIAA-CCIW Classic Preview

tomaroonandgold.blogspot.com - A preview of this weekend's MIAA-CCIW Classic games from a Calvin Knights perspective. Calvin vs. Wheaton on Friday, Calvin at Carthage on Saturday.