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Charlie Sheen Talks To UCLA Baseball Team About Drugs

smartasssports.com - Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen is currently in “home rehab” after recently being involved a numerous incidents involving massive amounts of cocaine and an equally impressive collection of hookers and porn stars. Apparently rehab doesn’t prohibit ...

John Daly Shows Off His New Golf Bag

smartasssports.com - Last night one of my favorite people ever, pro golfer John Daly, Tweeted a picture of his new Caddyshack-inspired golf bag complete with a flat-screen TV. Here is said Tweet and golf bag...

When Tony Hawk Cheats, He REALLY Cheats

smartasssports.com - It was revealed yesterday that skateboarding legend Tony Hawk is getting divorced for a third time. This surprised me because I always thought Tony Hawk seemed like a nice guy who didn’t have multiple divorces under his belt. However...

Brett Favre Files Retiement Papers, Already Selling Retirement Merchandise

smartasssports.com - It is being widely reported today that Brett Favre is filing his official retirement papers with the NFL. While the retirement itself may or may not be completely official as of yet, the hawking of Favre retirement merchandise is ...

Brandi Favre Seeks “Guidance” From Brett After Meth Arrest

smartasssports.com - Brett Favre’s younger sister Brandi is in a bit of a legal pickle as she has been arrested in connection with a meth lab in Mississippi. So who is she seeking advice from?

High School Coach Resigns After Hosting Underage Drinking Party

smartasssports.com - A high school freshman football coach in the Hartford, Connecticut area has resigned from his post after being charged by the police for hosting an underage drinking party at his house.

Andre Agassi Showing Naked Pictures Of Wife For Charity

smartasssports.com - Tennis legend Andre Agassi has been married since 2001 to fellow tennis legend Steffi Graf. At a recent charity auction in Taiwan, Andre offered the highest bidder of one particular item the opportunity to look at naked pictures of ...

Soccer Player Tweets Death Wish

smartasssports.com - A professional soccer player named Marvin Morgan was recently booed off of the pitch by fans at the game. He went on Twitter to respond. It didn't go well.

Goalie Has Johnny Cash On His Mask

network.yardbarker.com - Hockey goalies often personalize their mask interesting ways. Todd Ford of the South Carolina Stingrays is no different as his helmet is a tribute to Johnny Cash.

Parents File Suit Over Basketball Team Hair Policy

smartasssports.com - Lawsuits really are getting out of control in this country. In the Midwest, parents of a former high school basketball player have filed suit against a school for their basketball team hair policy.