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The Cleveland Browns Draft was great, but there are still pieces that need to be added.

www.clevelandbrownsreport.info - In the draft the Browns got their man at quarterback in Brandon Weeden, and they also picked up their run-game workhorse in running back Trent Richardson. They also have added to their already solid defense and picked up a speedster ...

Packers Vs Giants–What The Browns Should Have Learned

clevelandbrownsreport.info - Even if the Browns are not in the playoffs it is still enjoyable to watch teams such as the Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants battle it out on the gridiron. Watching these "upper tier" teams battle it ...

Mike Holmgren: Big Show or No Show

clevelandbrownsreport.info - An impressive resume, a much needed sense of hope for a thirsty fan base--this is what the hiring of Mike Holmgren as team president brought to the Cleveland Browns. The Browns finally have a "Face" of the franchise, one that ...

Cleveland Browns:Browns: Poor, Pitifull and Pathetic

clevelandbrownsreport.info - The Baltimore Ravens slapped and manhandled the Cleveland Browns somewhat like one would expect his PitBull to act while tossing his "chewy" around the backyard. The Ravens, while playing a basic and simple game of "run it down your ...

Cleveland Browns: Media, Fans Starting to Revolt

bleacherreport.com - One can visit numerous Browns blogs and forums and see these same kind of rants on a daily basis. Claims of selling season tickets, boycotting Browns games, fire Shurmur, toss McCoy out the back door, blow it up and start ...

Cleveland Browns: Colt McCoy, Getting Ready For 2011

dawgscooper.com - Aside from these abilities, his work ethics are admirable, along with his strong belief that he can compete in the NFL. McCoy, with his belief that he is Clevelands starting quarterback, is not wasting time preparing for the 2011 season.

Cleveland Browns; The Changes Keep Coming

dawgscooper.com - Changes have been, and are still coming to the Cleveland Browns. As one can expect, one way or another, the changes can be traced to Browns Team President Mike Holmgrens past.

Video-Alex Mack Pro Bowl Touchdown

dawgscooper.com - Yes Folks--ya just gotta love it. Alex Mack scores a touchdown in the Pro Bowl. Video--evidently the "Big Man" has been watching Peyton Hillis.

Colt McCoy and the West Coast Offense

www.joehunley.com - Numerous articles have been posted on blogs, websites and online newspapers regarding the Cleveland Browns and the West Coast Offense. These articles express different views and opinions on the possible success or familiar of this offense in Cleveland. Many of which ...

Cleveland Browns : Prospects the Browns Must Target in April

dawgscooper.com - It is now time to be focusing on the 2011 NFL Draft, hoping to make further improvements and adding depth to questionable positions. The Browns have needs on both sides of the ball, offensive and defensive.