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I am a hockey fan who loves to talk hockey, fantasy hockey and place some hockey bets too. We are an all source site with hockey show that has some of the leaders in the industry on with us. Its a great listen at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theprogram

Website: http://www.thehockeyprogram.net

Twitter: @TheProgramBTR

Lokomotiv Plane Crash Tribute Update

www.thehockeyprogram.net - Tonight's show will pay tribute to the fallen. Thank you for understanding. Simply we want to thank everyone that has been on Twitter throughout the day that has helped feed information and of course sift amongst the rumors and ...

FH 201:First Quarter Turkeys

insidehockey.com - A nice long sweeping epic from the first quarter of the season...please go read and comment away. There are at least 20 turkeys guaranteed.

Pick The Winner

www.thehockeyprogram.net - We are back after a little bit of time off. Yes we made our pick last night and it stuck well with us but November has been kind of slow for us as our 17-4 record just means that ...

What If The KHL Had A Fantasy League

www.thehockeyprogram.net - Do not laugh at the premise of the title. I remember years ago when Fantasy Hockey was a total pipedream. No one expected Fantasy Hockey ever to take off the way it has in the past five years. ...

Election Day With A Twist

www.thehockeyprogram.net - First off, get out there and vote if you have not done so already. This afternoon we deliver a hockey message for voters out there. Many in New Jersey forget that before the Prudential Center became reality, there ...

Trick Or Treat: Pick The Winner

www.thehockeyprogram.net - When it comes to Halloween, there are few times in a year that it is okay to actually disguise an informative post with thoughts of candy and scares or tricks and treats. However, this is the perfect time on ...

These Three Turkeys

www.thehockeyprogram.net - This is the time of year that is most feared for every turkey. It is just four weeks until Thanksgiving. That is the day where at least one of our fine turkeys here sadly does not get his ...