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I started a blog about college and pro football called One-Handed Grab in 2009. I am also the co-manager of the Big East football and basketball blog on SB Nation called Big East Coast Bias. I created the Positive Impact Factor rating system for quarterbacks. The new Positive Impact Factor Top Ten and Standings gets updated during the season on Thursdays on my site.

Website: http://bigeastcoastbias.com

Twitter: @TheRealPSJ

Weekly Offseason College Football TV Schedule: July 9-July 15

onehandedgrab.yardbarker.com - This post gives you an offseason college football schedule of past games which are on TV from July 9 to July 15. ESPN's Top 25 Games of 2011 are included on this list. The list includes games appearing on national ...

The Real Story of Jamine Peterson’s Exit from Providence

www.bigeastcoastbias.com - Former Providence basketball player Jamine Peterson tells the story of his leaving the school for the pros in a story posted by Ryan Feldman. Peterson claims to have left the school rather than face disciplinary action for helping to arrange ...

Ranking the Combine Quarterback Participants for the NFL Draft

onehandedgrab.yardbarker.com - Using the Positive Impact Factor (PIF), I rank the 18 combine quarterback participants for the 2011 NFL Draft. I used various aspects of the PIF to evaluate which is the best value quarterback, most overrated, and biggest bust potential. I ...

The NFL is Trending Toward Pocket Passers

onehandedgrab.yardbarker.com - With the NFL draft upcoming and more than a few quarterbacks in the draft class being dual threat guys, I decided to look at the trend of the NFL over the past decade. I found that the league has trended ...

Alabama A-Day and the Unveiling of the Nick Saban Statue

onehandedgrab.yardbarker.com - Alabama held their annual spring game on April 17 and unveiled their Nick Saban statue in the Walk of Champions. I went over the QB battle and evaluate the performances in the A-Day game using the Positive Impact Factor. Phillip ...

Televised Spring Football: April 16

onehandedgrab.yardbarker.com - Get all the spring football you can stand on Saturday, April 16. Here's a complete listing of the televised spring football games. Among the schools, you'll find Alabama and Tennessee. You'll also discover that Notre Dame is televising their spring ...

New Miami Depth Chart Out, Jacory Harris is the Starter

onehandedgrab.yardbarker.com - The Miami Hurricanes released their new depth chart today and Jacory Harris has reemerged as the starting quarterback. Stephen Morris is second string and Spencer Whipple is third string. Storm Johnson has also come out on top as the #1 ...

Offseason Timekillers: NCAA Football 11 The Best Teams You’re Not Using

inthebleachers.net - Tired of looking at your busted March Madness brackets? The In The Bleachers series Offseason Timekillers returns to the NCAA Football 11 video game to tell you about five of the best teams that are underutilized on the game: Arizona, ...

Thoughts on Jim Tressel Getting 5 Game Suspension & Buckeye Situation

inthebleachers.net - Jim Tressel will be suspended for the first five games of the season now instead of the first two. This was a move designed to deflect punishment by the NCAA.

Positive Impact Factor: FBS Conference Defensive Ranks 2010

inthebleachers.net - In The Bleachers unveils the Positive Impact Factor FBS Defensive Conference Rankings for the 2010 season. The Pac 10 came out on top and the ACC, Big East, MAC and SEC filled out the top five.