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EWWWW! You wanted to see photos of Barry Bonds' Balls? | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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EWWWW! You wanted to see photos of Barry Bonds’ Balls?

Barry Bonds Balls April FoolsWe hate to be a ball buster, but this April Fool’s  joke is on you. You’re gonna have to go elsewhere to get your Jester Day jollies!

You're lucky we didn't turn on the high-pitched siren we initially planned to go with this post!

In the meantime, see if someone you know is as sick as you are by posting the following on Twitter/Facebook:

@BallHyped publishes photos of Bonds’ shrinking testicles?

And before you leave to continue your Google search for "Bonds' Balls," take a minute to watch this PSA from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America about what steroids do to a guy’s body. Let's get steroids, AND HGH, out of our games for good!

Happy April Fool's

- BHyped

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