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Keith Law on the O’s, Radio Switch & Luke Scott - You’ve got to read the interview that Keith Law did with MASN’s Steve Melewski. I agree with a lot of what Law has to say – that is, unless the pitching and the young guys step forward and have solid ...

Charlie Sheen Talks To UCLA Baseball Team About Drugs - Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen is currently in “home rehab” after recently being involved a numerous incidents involving massive amounts of cocaine and an equally impressive collection of hookers and porn stars. Apparently rehab doesn’t prohibit ...

2011 MLB Spring Training: Analyzing Each Team’s Biggest Position Battle - With Major League Baseball’s spring training just around the corner, most teams are about done with their offseason shopping. But for most clubs, that’s just the first step—even once everyone has signed, there are still big decisions to be made ...

Pirates Searching For Vacant Lot To Hold Spring Training In - The Pirates players, coaches and front office staff have been driving around central Florida for a couple weeks in search of an abandoned lot to be used as this year's Spring Training home.

The Daily Dose: Pujols, Deadline, Money - The St. Louis Cardinals are on the clock. Albert Pujols is reporting to spring training on FEBRUARY 16, and he wants a deal finalized by then or he will become a free agent after the season. He has the full ...

Cardinals have no choice but to show Pujols the money - Contract negotiations in baseball have collectively become the most memorable scene from Jerry Maguire, when Cuba Gooding Jr.’s character, Rod Tidwell, emphatically and hilariously told Tom Cruise’s character, Jerry Maguire, to “show me the money.” Rarely will athletes take pay ...

ESPN Gives Cleveland Indians’ Offseason a ‘D’ Grade: Was it Really That Bad? - The Indians might not have had a great offseason, but they certainly don’t deserve a mark that bad. If anyone deserves a near-failing grade, it’s Crasnick for his baseless condemnation and disjointed argument.

The 25 Year Old And Under Team - If I've learned anything from blogging, it's that people love lists. And get used to being poor. So I'm going to run out some lineups that fall in line with the arbitrary parameters that I have set. Today's lineup consists ...

Brett Gardner on the Trading Block? I Hope the Yankees Are This Stupid - Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner—New York's second-best position player in 2010—is apparently “more available than you would think" after hitting .185 in the playoffs. Is Brian Cashman out of his mind?

Hey, Hoynsie: Cleveland Indians’ Defense Isn’t Their Biggest Problem - As all sportswriters inevitably learn (except, apparently, ESPN’s Matthew Berry), you can’t be right all the time. For Hoynes, one such example came as he answered a reader question in his “Hey Hoynsie!” column Sunday:

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