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basketball | BallHyped Sports Blogs - Part 48
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The Daily Dose: First Not The Worst

triadsportsdaily.com - The first day of the NCAA tournament was not the worst. Before you get confused, yesterday (Thursday) was the first day of the tournament. First four games, no thanks but that’s another story for another day. However, I came away ...

Nenad Krstic will be a major asset off the bench…eventually

www.stateoftheceltics.com - When Shaq returns, Krstic will be coming off the bench, but at this point he's played himself into a one-of-the-first-guys-off-the-bench role. According to Krstic, he's fine with that.

Shaq travels with Celtics on their road trip; Jermaine O’Neal getting closer

www.stateoftheceltics.com - Shaquille O'Neal has joined the Celtics for their three-game road trip, while Jermaine O'Neal continues to rehab from knee issues and is committed to a playoff return.

Grant Hill’s Response to Fab Five’s Jalen Rose Spot on

www.sunszoo.com - There are many words you could use to describe Grant Hill. Model citizen, great basketball player and terrific teammate are just a few. You can now add New York Times writer to that resume.

The Daily Dose: Be Your Own Producer

triadsportsdaily.com - As I sit and watch the first REAL day of the 2011 NCAA tournament, I heard Tim Brando say something that just clicked. No it wasn’t “iron unkind”! As he announced the Old Dominion vs. BYU game, he began doing ...

They’re Out To Get NCSU Basketball…

triadsportsdaily.com - It’s not just the AP. It’s not just ESPN, CBS, or Yahoo Sports. There is no ONE national media outlet that has had it out for NC State basketball. BUT, there is a keyword that does describe a group that ...

Kendrick Perkins on trade: Doc Rivers was “trying to stop it”

www.stateoftheceltics.com - The day after the latest edition of "The Association" premiered, Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins talked about that fateful, emotional afternoon and gave up some information that nobody outside of the organization had heard before.

Kevin Garnett says Rajon Rondo is playing hurt

www.stateoftheceltics.com - Well, we might finally have an answer as to why Rajon Rondo has been extremely average as of late. Following the Celtics' 92-80 win over the Indiana Pacers, Kevin Garnett was asked about his much-talked-about point guard and his less-than-stellar ...

Large Deficit too Much for Phoenix to Overcome

www.sunszoo.com - After all of their great play over the past month and a half, the Suns are suddenly right back where they started at. The .500 mark. Phoenix got down big once again, trailing by as much as 19 at one point, ...

The Daily Dose: Cards Could Make Noise

triadsportsdaily.com - Yesterday I promised that I would give you one more team that could be very successful in this year’s NCAA tournament (http://triadsportsdaily.com/post/3884884705). They didn’t make my Final Four because they will have to beat my National Champ pick to get ...

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