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Paying Attention to Prior Drafts: Second Basemen - We continue with our series of looking at how the TRI projections are comparing with actual drafts going on. Of course, you will want to look up the average draft position closer to your draft to see what the current ...

Putting TRI to the Test - We continue through the diamond looking at the TRI projections and Bill James Handbook projections for the coming season. Bill James certainly isn’t the only person forecasting next season and many don’t think he is the best, but his name ...

2011 Rays Projections: Ben Zobrist - I won’t bore you with a long post about how Ben Zobrist will bounce back because quite frankly I already wrote it. Bottom line was that Zobrist was still swinging the same percentage of time but he was letting more strikes ...

No Room For Kotchman on Rays Roster - The Rays are stacked deep at almost every position except first base. The same question is always brought up: Who will play firstbase for the Rays in 2011? Will it be the unproven Dan Johnson? How about using Ben Zobrist ...

Is Washington Nationals’ Mike Morse the Next Jose Bautista, Ben Zobrist? - The idea that, every year, one theretofore scrub who happened to get hot at the end of the previous season would emerge as one of the best players in the game is absolutely ridiculous. But scientific merit be damned—who will ...

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