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The Hall of Fame Files: Jeff Bagwell - We continue our look at the players that fell just shy of the 75 percent needed for the Hall of Fame with Jeff Bagwell. Bagwell and Jack Morris could not be more different. Morris has been on the ballot for ...

FanSided MLB’s 2012 Hall of Fame Vote: Jeff Bagwell Elected to Cooperstown - Over the last two weeks, FanSided’s MLB team held a mock vote for the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s 2012 class. The votes have been tallied, and the result is: first baseman Jeff Bagwell is the sole candidate who would ...

2012 Hall of Fame Ballot: Who I Voted For and Why - I’m not a 10-year veteran of the BBWAA, but as a blogger who likes to make his opinion heard I’ve participated in three mock votes for the 2012 Hall of Fame election. I figured I ought to reveal who I ...

Grumpy Murray Chass is Grumpy - Murray Chass gets all uppity over Stats, the Hall of Fame, Jeff Bagwell, tepid soup (not really, but you believed it). And it's all there on his blog that's not actually a blog! Hooray!

Hot Stove News: Joakim Soria a Yankee? Jeff Bagwell Steroids or Not? - Today’s baseball buzz is split between the fact that Joakim Soria revealed that he would definitely would waive his no trade clause to go to the Yankees and the fact that their seems to be a backlash against Jeff Bagwell’s ...

Does it even matter if Jeff Bagwell was on steroids or not? - Recently I wrote a piece about players I was considering voting for on my Hall of Fame Ballot. I had mentioned that after I narrowed down my choices I would address those who used steroids and what to do with ...

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