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More Newton magic

eyeandeerblog.com - The result may have been the same, but until Cam Newton's Hail Mary pass was tipped to Darvin Adams it looked like South Carolina had some momentum going into halftime. Instead, Auburn rolled to a 56-17 victory in the SEC Championship ...

It’s Been a While Since Ohio State Got An SEC Beat Down

moondogsports.com - If Auburn defeats South Carolina in the SEC championship on Saturday, all indications suggest the All-State Sugar Bowl will invite Arkansas to play Ohio State.

SEC Championship is final test for #1 Auburn

exm.nr - Auburn has been here before but now things are different. The last time Auburn made the trip to Atlanta for the SEC Championship game they were undefeated and ranked number two in the polls. But even a win in the championship ...

NCAA Provides a Blue Print for Cheating

big10rant.com - After Auburn put Cam Newton on double-secret probation on Tuesday, the NCAA miraculously reinstated his eligibility on Wednesday. In doing so, the NCAA has opened up Pandora’s box and provided a blueprint for parents to seek money under the table ...

championship weekend preview: these games matter

kodyssportskorner.com - A break down of the championship games with a breif prediction about each game. Also there is a focus on other important games that are going to be played over the weekend.

Classic Iron Bowl proves once again Auburn has heart of a champion

www.examiner.com - If being down 24-0 against their archrivals in the Iron Bowl doesn't stop Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers, then what will? Auburn stormed back in an epic way to beat Alabama and keep their plans for competing for a ...

SEC Guy calls Oregon radio station

eyeandeerblog.com - You'll love this. Listen to SEC Guy on 95.5 Radio somewhere in Oregon. Make sure you listen to the entire thing as you hear Pac-10 fans talk trash as well.

Alabama Crimson Tide at Arkansas Razorbacks Game Preview

football-preview.com - This weekend's marquis matchup features the number 10 Arkansas Razorbacks hosting the number 1 Alabama Crimson Tide. For the Tide, this will be the first of three-straight games against top-12 teams. For the Razorbacks, Alabama's defense will be a real test for ...

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