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Fantasy Baseball Podcast – Shortstops 2012 - Chris asks for feedback from listeners and invites everyone to join the conversation in the following ways: Twitter, Facebook, blog site. Chris reviews the top ten fantasy baseball shortstops for 2012 in reverse order. Chris then discusses fantasy sleeper shortstops ...

Prospect Rankings: Middle Infield - Keith Petrower is back to rank his Top 25 second base and shortstop prospects for the 2012 fantasy baseball season. From Manny Machado to Kenny Diekroger, Keith splits 28 middle infield prospects into three tiers. Read more at

Middle Ages: Young Rookies ‘Heroes’ to Consider for the Middle Infield Spots in Fantasy Baseball - Traditionally, when fantasy baseball owners look for help in the middle infield positions, they tended to look to veteran players. In the 2011 season with injuries and poor performance from key veterans making the position seemingly more shallow than ever, ...

On the Short List: Fantasy Baseball Shortstops in the Second Half of the 2011 Season - Heading into the second half of the 2011 baseball season, there are several players of note at the shortstop position to consider for your fantasy baseball team. This article discusses some of the key players to consider. Whether you are ...

Recreational Fishing: Shortstop - We're fishing for deep sleepers at the Shortstop position for the 2011 fantasy baseball season. Round 25 and later. One of the best positions to do some fishing if you don't land Hanley Ramirez or Troy Tulowitzki, a must read.

FANTASY BASEBALL: Position Porfiles – Shortstop - As enamored as I am with this year’s crop of second basemen, the exact opposite is true for shortstops. Don’t let anyone tell you catcher is the thinnest position in fantasy baseball. It’s shortstop. The position is more top-heavy than ...

Examining the 2011 Diamondbacks roster: Shortstop - A very familiar face will be back at shortstop for the 2011 season. After being mentioned in a few trades earlier in the offseason, Stephen Drew will be the D’Backs starter at short for the fifth consecutive season. What can ...

2011 Rays Projections: Reid Brignac - 2011 is the year that Rays fans will finally get to see Reid Brignac as their starting shortstop. Brignac was being called the Rays shortstop of the future since he broke on to the scene by winning the MVP in ...

2011 Shortstop Rankings and Projections - Your 2011 Fantasy Baseball Shortstop rankings and projections are here. From Hanley Ramirez to Jack Wilson, everything you need to know about Fantasy Baseball's thinnest positions can be found here.

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